Cliffton Dry Low ABV Sparkling Made with Apples

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Cliffton Dry is all low-ABV sparkling made with a blend of fresh apples. Cliffton Dry is all-natural. Our light sparking is made in New York State with apples from Estate Orchards that use best-practice farming methods.

Tasting Notes

Bright, clean, and refreshing with top notes of citrus and pear, small soft round bubbles, and a slight apple note to the finish. Well-balanced Sauvignon Blanc palate with pleasant acidity and freshness.

Food Pairing

Light cheeses, brunch, salads, sushi, shellfish, oysters, spicy and vegan cuisine, sorbet, and desserts.

Alcohol by volume5.9%

DietaryLow Sugar. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Calorie-Light.